Show Notes

so I want to talk about some of these covid-19 propaganda stories that have been coming out over the last week or so. there's new video by project veritas that was released today, we just got through the news cycle of a Nicki Minaj spat between her and mainstream media outlets, and there was even a news organization in Australia looking into the lab League theory. not only that, but I'm going to talk about some local radio commercials that have been real suspicious in their language. buckle in kids, this one's probably going to get deleted. (UPDATE: THE VIDEO WAS INDEED DELETED FROM YOUTUBE AND I RECEIVED A HARD STRIKE DISABLING ME FROM UPLOADING TO YOUTUBE FOR ONE WEEK. I AM APPEALING THE CLAIM, BUT YOU MAY COMMENT YOURSELF AS TO WHAT ASSERTIVE CLAIMS I MADE ABOUT CORONAVIRUS OR VACCINE, AND WHY YOU THINK THE VIDEO SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN DOWN.)